two weeks of holidays!

started Hannibal

watched season 1 of Sons of Anarchy and I kinda fell in love with Jax Teller


sometimes the things that scare us make us the happiest

I’m so happy Danneel tweeted a pic. I really needed it today, I’ve been like crying in my room for like 30mins and when i finally come out I see my Queen and Princess. Blessed

Jared doing the ice bucket challenge and getting ice on his crotch


Bonus Pat on the Back from Jared:




Happy 40th Birthday, Misha. You are an inspiration to many, we love you dearly!





Sam + text posts

Danneel Ackles, Melanie Segal MTV VMA Retreat 2010

Jensen Ackles “All Out of Love” Outtake

Jensen getting into character at JIB Con 2011 & 2012



With all the speculations for season 10, and all the metas and battles that have been fought, I have to say that I am really very sad. Mostly because of how Jensen’s explanations of the “I’m proud of us” scene really hit me.

I knew what Dean was saying with that one line, but the other part of it, I didn’t really think about and I totally got all teary over it and it killed me. 

The Dean Winchester that most of us have loved for 9 seasons is dead. He laid down his sword with those 4 words, and died. There is something so profoundly heavy about that. There was so much that that Dean will never do. Probably deep down dreams and hope that will never be fulfilled. And at the end how much of that Dean was our Dean. A Dean not directed by the mark he took. 

While I am hopeful for the coming season, hoping for the new Dean to weather his storm, and come out a changed man, a changed brother, and changed person, and maybe even happier.

There is part of me that will mourn our Dean, the man who just did what he had to do, the man that loved his brother to crippling degrees, the man that was almost 40 but at times could enjoy the simple things like a 10 year old boy. 

“I wasn’t like them. I was worse. They were animals, Sam, defending territory. Me? I did it for the sheer pleasure.…I enjoyed it, Sam. They took me off the rack, and I tortured souls, and I liked it. All those years, all that pain. Finally getting to deal some out yourself…I didn’t care who they put in front of me. Because that pain I felt, it just slipped away. No matter how many people I save, I can’t change that. I can’t fill this hole. Not ever.