two weeks of holidays!

started Hannibal

watched season 1 of Sons of Anarchy and I kinda fell in love with Jax Teller


sometimes the things that scare us make us the happiest


I. Just…   {SQUEEE!}  Comic Con 2014




Fan to Jensen: First I just want to say I think you’re a really talented actor and a lot of people just see you and see how attractive you are and they think you’re just another pretty boy, but you’re a lot more than that and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future because you deserve a lot more recognition. 


Jensen, Danneel and the rest of SPN cast before Nerd HQ [x]


 Jensen Ackles at NerdHQ 2014
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I got a hell of a lot more running through me than demon juice. [x]


J2M on their favorite “Big Bad” on Supernatural


#SDCC #comiccon #supernatural (at San Diego Comic-Con International)